Monday, November 24, 2008

Pat Rothfuss and Heifer International

A while back Pat approached a bunch of us writer types, asking for book donations that he could then use as lures to get people donating to his favorite charity, Heifer International. He got plenty of yesses - including one from me - and he's started to post about the books that are to be given away - and he's clearly been pulling in cash for a wonderful cause.

I'm writing this to encourage you to check it out. The first post about it can be found HERE, although that was from two weeks ago. Subsequent posts give more info and show some of the books on offer. I just sent mine recently, but I think it'll make an appearance there in the weeks to come.

Go take a look!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went over and bought a pig.

6:17 PM  
Blogger David Anthony Durham said...

Awesome. Thanks, Erika!

6:24 PM  

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